500 likes on facebook!

500 likes on facebook! 1

We made ​​it! 500 likes on facebook. At this time, the counter is on 542 !!!

We want to  thank everyone who liked our Facebook page.

Check the website and our Facebook page the next days for the winner!

Winner 400 likes on facebook

Modulaire verbandkoffer

And the winner of the modular aid kit for reaching 400 likes on facebook is ………………….. (drum roll) ……. …………

@ Niels de Kant

Congratulations !!!

And now were going for  500 likes where you can win the FIRE FIGHTING EXPERIENCE


New Facebook actions!

Two new Facebook actions!

1. When we get 400 likes, we raffle a Modulair First Aid Kit among all our followers on facebook

2. When we get 500 likes, we will raffle a ‘Fire Fighting Experience. During this Experience, you will walk along with our instructor, and you may extinguish the practice chopper!


So please like and promote our facebook page and win one of these prizes!

volg ons via facebook EN

KROS bv website also in English

From today you can view our site in English.

This to serve our international relations