Emergency Response Plan

Besides the major benefit of providing guidance during an emergency, developing an emergency response plan has other advantages. You may discover unrecognized hazardous conditions that would aggravate an emergency situation and you can work to eliminate them. The planning process may bring to light deficiencies, such as the lack of resources (equipment, trained personnel, supplies) or items that can be rectified before an emergency occurs. In addition an emergency plan promotes safety awareness and shows the organization’s commitment to the safety of workers.

Personnel on the site during an emergency are key in ensuring that prompt and efficient action is taken to minimize loss. Therefore certain members of the employees should be trained as emergency response officers. Specific duties, responsibilities, authority and resources must be clearly defined. And the specific risks of the site must be taking in account when training the ERO’s. Fire departments, mobile rescue squads, ambulance services, police departments etc. should be contacted in the planning stages to discuss each of their roles during an emergency.

Developing an emergency response plan is important for the safety of your organization because it ensures the safety of the location and the environment. KROS bv can help with creating and maintaining the emergency response plan. Allowing an external party to help in the developing of the plan means the normal working-process of the organization will not be disturbed and business blindness will be minimized.

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