Evacuation exercise

Evacuation exercises are designed to test the ability of your staff and occupants to effectively and efficiently evacuate in response to an emergency. The exercises and trainings are tailored to your organization, using the most likely emergency scenarios to occur in your workplace. During the training the evacuation plan and evacuation maps are tested and ERO resources will be used in order to test the efficiency of the organization. Employees are confronted with an emergency situation and will get the opportunity to put theory into practice.

It is possible to organize an emergency exercise with the fire brigade and/or other external emergency services.

Each evacuation exercise includes an evaluation report. This report can help to improve the ERO organization. KROS bv can provide and evaluate an exercise with LOTUS (actors) victims. And when needed KROS bv can provide additional education trough training, ERO means or an RI&E.

For further information do not hesitate to contact us at advies@krosbv.nl



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