Quick Scan Emergency Response Officers

During this Quick Scan a tour of the building/organization will be made to assess the present plans and a report will be drawn up which will contain unrecognized hazardous conditions and any other deficiencies.

The following elements will be assessed:

• Risk Inventory and Evaluation;
• Escape routes;
• General Safety;
• Extinguishing agents;
• Emergency lighting;
• Fire alarm installations, including manual fire alarm;
• Evacuation- and fire alarm installation;
• Dangerous spaces/chemicals;
• ERO-team, education, training etc., emergency escape plan, evacuation plan;
• Evacuation instructions.

This inventory allows us to write a firs recommendation. And KROS can help act on the advise through training of the ERO-team, providing ERO means, developing an evacuation plan or even writing an RI&E.

The following legislation is used:

• NEN 6088 Brandveiligheid van gebouwen –Vluchtwegaanduiding – Eigenschappen
en bepalingsmethoden
• NEN 1838 Toegepaste verlichtingstechniek – noodverlichting
• NEN 2559 Onderhoud draagbare blustoestellen
• NEN 2575 Brandveiligheid van gebouwen. Ontruimingsinstallaties
• NEN 4000 Bedrijfshulpverlening en calamiteitenbeheersing
• NEN 3011 Veiligheidskleuren en tekens
• NEN-EN 671-3:2000 Onderhoud van brandslanghaspels
• NEN 8112 Leidraad voor een ontruimingsplan
• NEN 1414 Symbolen voor veiligheidsvoorzieningen op ontruimings- en aanvalplattegronden
• Arbo-wet

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